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I love to color in my kitchen, and I love it when my husband and I paint our home. The simple, natural color combination can make a home feel even more special with its different textures. The paint can also work perfectly on the surface of the house, especially when it’s poured green.

When it comes to color in kitchen, it’s not just colors that matter; it’s the surface as well. There’s no right or wrong way to handle your kitchen’s paint. You might want to try a matte finish if you want to limit the overall color range, but I recommend using a clear coat when the paint is on the surface. It helps minimize the amount of color that gets on top of the surface.

A clear coat is a coat of paint that is applied over top of the paint before it dries. It helps make the paint last longer, and also helps to prevent the paint from being porous and allowing air and water to permeate into the surface. It is also thinner than a top coat, so it won’t give you streaks and marring effects.

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