chewbacca meme

Now, I want you to sit down, relax, and chew on that. It’s a good thing I’m not a kid who has a lot of time for eating out and my mom’s always around to remind me to stop eating. I know you can’t stop eating and yet you have to stop chewing.

Well, I’m going to tell you what my mother said when I was a kid. I was seven years old, and I had a cookie for my mother. She was a big fan of the cereal box, and she would always say “Just chew a cookie” when I’d try to eat a bite. My mom never said “Just crunch a cookie.” That was her idea of being polite.

Another way kids use chewbacca to show how smart they are is by getting themselves an imaginary car. At first, you might think that it sounds silly, but you’ll soon see how it works. The idea is that whenever you are eating a bite, you can use the other end of the cookie as the steering wheel. It’s like you’re driving.

Okay, so youve had just a taste of the car, and now you want to use it. The best way to do this is to use your mouth. You can press on the floor of the car, or on the bottom of the car, or you can use the side of the car (this is how they would actually drive, of course). The trick is to use as much of the cookie as you can, while also trying not to touch the cookie.

Okay, so we probably shouldn’t say this, but if you get into a car accident (or you just can’t drive without your gum), you can use the gum to drive. Just not to the hospital.

We found that in general, if you can eat a whole cookie, you can eat as many cookies as you like, and you can still drive. This doesn’t apply to the same extent for some of the other activities, such as chewing gum. Maybe you can still smoke, but not a whole cigarette.

What this means is that instead of just having one gum stuck between your teeth (and therefore making you unable to drive), you can take a whole package of the gum, and you can still drive, assuming the gum isnt contaminated with something nasty, like lead.

The other thing that this means is that you can chew as many cookies as you like, but you can still eat a whole box of gum.

It’s also a good idea to have a good supply of gum on hand. When you are in an airport or an airport-style place, you might not be able to have any gum to help you get through the long lines to the counter. It could also mean you could be stuck outside a store for a while if you don’t have gum or a bag of it.

The reason for gum-eating-as-well-as-the-same-as-possible-is because of the way it has been packaged. The bad thing is that gum-eating gum can be found in many different flavors, but it’s still not a terrible flavor.

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