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5 Important Pointers to Tick Off for a Unique and Functional Website

The website is your brand’s digital storefront, with the sign Open 24/7. It is your most powerful asset and the cornerstone of your marketing effort. 

Especially today, some businesses might not realise that customers first visit a brand’s website to learn about them. Moreover, a website helps companies to increase awareness, improve hotel website seo, generate leads, boost credibility, and announce updates – the list is endless. 

With that said, you know what else is of immense importance – web design. The quality of your online store can be a make or break for leveraging the listed benefits. 

As such, here are five points that you must tick off for the perfect website:

1. Go For Minimal Design 

Never complicate user experience on your site with complex design. It will only give rise to confusion among site visitors and prevent them from exploring your business further. Some of the most popular brands, including Apple, believe in having a simple storefront that customers can easily navigate. 

For that reason, today’s experienced web designers don’t just make their website appealing and modern; they also go a step ahead and make it seamless. 

2. Clear out the Clutter 

Yes, your website needs to be informative, but a cluttered screen is not the way. You can’t throw every element you prefer on the screen. It’s a classic recipe for disaster!

Most people are unaware that every element you add to your website design waters down the others on the page. If you integrate many elements hoping to enhance the appeal, they would actually do the opposite – make your screen look unattractive. At the same time, your user won’t know where to go about it and you lose a seamless experience. 

In contrast, if you include only essential elements, they will make your website look organised and beautiful as well as make it more streamlined – users will know the clear path to follow.  

3. Make Smart Use of White Space 

Now that you have taken care of the clutter, you might wonder what to do with the white space left. Well, nothing!

You see, white space is vital for a good design. It makes your content look legible while enabling visitors to pay attention to the elements surrounding your text. Subsequently, it is best if you cover your critical aspects with white space to allow them to grab some eyeballs. For instance, if your goal is to highlight your services, surround that text with white space – not your logo or CTA

4. Pick the Right Colour Palette 

Colours are the most potent design weapon as each has its emotional connotation and helps reflect your brand identity. However, when selecting the colours for your brand, don’t only focus on choosing those that signify your brand best but also on creating a colour hierarchy. The colours need to complement each for the design to look appealing.   

In your website design, opt for a single colour to represent the primary elements and contrasting colours for the secondary and others. 

5. Don’t Forget to Compress Your Images

Of course, you will be adding high-quality images on your website, nothing wrong there. 

However, one of the major reasons businesses face increases in bounce rate is slow speed, resulting from images that take too much time to load. If that happens, no matter how excellent the design is, people will jump ahead and won’t waste time waiting. Moreover, page speed also affects your hotel website seo, conversion rates, and customer retention.

That said, the issue can be resolved by compressing images before uploading them to your site. When carefully applied, it won’t even reduce the quality of your pictures. 

Final Words 

When working on your business website design, it is best to be focused on essential elements and be realistic with the design. Don’t waste time showcasing every piece of information on your web page and indulging with unnecessary design elements simply because they look good. You will only make a mess on your website, which will be a major turn-off for visitors. 

Try to keep things minimal and organised; as it’s said, there is beauty in simplicity!

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